Jamaican Style Chicken Turnover

Jamaican Style Beef Turnover


Jamaican Style Food Products

Whether you are looking for our traditional Jamaican Style Beef Turnover or our special Jamaican Style Chicken Turnover, we can get them to you! We also make our own bottled authentic Jamaican sauces. We offer retail and wholesale delivery service. We will deliver locally to your location, or ship if outside of South Florida.

At Tropidelight Inc. we are on a mission to bring the real Jamaican flavors to you. All our products are USDA certified. We specialize in Jamaican patty and bottled sauces. Whether you are a restaurant or someone who just wants to give a taste of the Caribbean to your friends and loved ones, we are here to deliver just the authentic flavors you are looking for!


Even with so many fast food options across town today, the odds of finding delectable authentic Jamaican food are pretty slim. Tropidelight Inc. wants to change this. We will deliver locally to your location or ship if outside Florida.

Our Services:

  • Authentic Jamaican food products
  • Wholesale delivery services
  • Retail delivery services

The key to our tasty and flavorful patties is the use of fresh produce handled carefully, and made into tasty food that our customers will love and come back for more! Craving for some hot scotch bonnet pepper spicing up your mouth? Try our Jamaican style turnovers or our special sauce for your Jamaican jerk today!


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